For Mindgames™, we tapped into the electric pulse of gaming and retro-futurism, creating an energy drink that's as bold in flavor as it is in concept. The design brief was a playground of modern pop art, vibrant diversity, and unbridled adventure, all fueled by a hefty dose of adrenaline. Our vision? To craft a visual ode to the gaming community, a can that held not just energy but stories of pixelated dreams and digital frontiers.
The journey of bringing Mindgames™ to life was a collaborative blast, blending the sharp skills of our packaging team with the imaginative prowess of our designer/illustrator. Drawing inspiration from the buzzing worlds of the metaverse, crypto, and NFTs circa 2021, we aimed for a design that was provocative yet playful, marrying cyberpunk vibes with pixelated, neo-retro elements. Our illustrator infused the imagery with a fresh Gen Z flair, creating a can that wasn't just a drink but a statement piece.
Despite the project's abrupt halt due to the company's financial woes, the creative journey of Mindgames™ stands as a testament to what happens when imaginative minds converge on a concept that's ahead of its time. It was a venture that pushed the boundaries of conventional design, leaving us with a blueprint of what could have been a game-changing product in the energy drink market.

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