The BANG® Swirly Pop project marked a turning point for our creative team, offering us an unprecedented level of freedom in both concept and execution. This exclusive flavor release became a labor of love, a testament to our team's ability to innovate within the vibrant tapestry of BANG®'s extensive flavor catalog. What set Swirly Pop apart wasn't just its unique taste, but the creative journey it spurred, culminating in a design so compelling that it caught the eye of 7ELEVEN, leading to an exclusive partnership.
Drawing inspiration from 7ELEVEN's iconic slurpees and their mesmerizing swirls, we crafted a design that married the familiar with the novel, embedding a playful "twist" that resonated with both the brand and its consumers. This wasn't just about creating another flavor; it was about weaving a narrative that connected Swirly Pop to 7ELEVEN's legacy, while still infusing it with BANG®'s disruptive spirit. The result? A visually stunning can that broke the mold of our traditional designs, embodying both the essence of a slurpee's joy and the electrifying energy of BANG®. This project didn't just succeed in flavor and design; it became a beacon of creativity, showcasing our team's ability to dream big and deliver a product that captures the imagination and taste buds of consumers.

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