As a Designer with a background in Engineering, I always loved packaging not only because of the visual aspect, but also for the logistics behind it.
Also, packaging is a gratifying experience because is the entry experience and interaction between the product and the consumer; so I always took pride on all the pieces I worked on and I'm glad I got the opportunity to work with so many different brands and different types of materials, vendors, products.
Even though I was very happy to work on over 100 productions and boxes for Phones, creating packaging for a recognized brand like Energizer was very rewarding; I learned how to accomplish a Package design with a brand that has their own branding and specific guidelines.
There were a lot of different challenges in Packaging, but definitely, working on the VR360 box was one of them because it was not just the regular Phone box, it also included a VR visor that used the device as an Augmented Reality viewer.
Having to distribute the accessories and other requirements inside the box along the visor, while still making the box appealing and not huge or ridiculous, was definitely a great assembly accomplishment.
Seeing the final product arrive was always exciting. However, seeing the boxes in Stores and Events was really rewarding because it puts into perspective that a design can travel to many different eyes and audiences.

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